Borgata Blackjack (2022 Rules and Table Minimums)

Borgata is one of the best casinos in Atlantic City, New Jersey. And Borgata blackjack might just be the best in the city.

But there are a few things you need to know about the blackjack games at Borgata.

If you’re looking for single deck or double deck games, the Borgata isn’t your best bet. And if you’re looking for $5 tables, you’re not going to be happy.

But if you’re looking for a lot of tables, fair games, and decent rules, Borgata should be your first stop in Atlantic City. Here’s everything you need to know about Borgata blackjack.

Does Borgata Have Blackjack Tables?

Borgata is one of the top casinos in Atlantic City. In fact, it can claim a place in the top casinos and gambling destinations on the east coast. While this is a long way around to answer the question, yes Borgata has blackjack tables.

At last count, they have over 70 blackjack tables. With this many blackjack tables, there are few options on the east coast offering more blackjack action.

Blackjack is a big draw for any casino. The only draw bigger for most casinos is slot machines. So, any casino hoping to be one of the biggest and best casinos has a lot of blackjack options.

Borgata Blackjack Games, Rules, and Table Limits

Almost every blackjack game at Borgata is an eight deck or six deck game. Card counting laws in Atlantic City make it challenging for casinos to deal with card counters. And eight and six deck games are one of the few things casinos do that help. That’s why you rarely see single and double deck blackjack games in Atlantic City.

The majority of blackjack games at Borgata are eight deck games. The table limits for most tables are $10 to $1,000.

Borgata also has a few six deck blackjack games available, but the minimum bet limits are higher. The table limits are $25 to $3,000 for most of these tables.

All blackjack tables in the high roller room use six decks. The table limits are $100 to $10,000. But like most large casinos, it’s possible to arrange higher bet limits if you’re a true high roller.

Overall, Borgata has over 70 blackjack tables. Of course, every table isn’t open during slow periods. But during the busiest times, most tables are open.

Basically, Borgata is as good as any place in Atlantic City for blackjack players. And in some ways, it’s the best place for blackjack players in the city.

Most blackjack tables use the same basic rules at Borgata. Blackjacks pay 3 to 2, and you can double down after splitting. These are both good blackjack rules. On the negative side, you can’t resplit aces and no tables offer surrender.

Some blackjack tables use the dealer stands on a soft 17 and some use the dealer hits on a soft 17.

Using Blackjack Strategy at Borgata

You’re probably interested in playing blackjack at Borgata if you’re on this page. Are you an experienced blackjack player? Do you know what blackjack strategy is? And if you do know what blackjack strategy is, do you use it every time you play?

If you’re planning to play blackjack at Borgata, it’s time to learn the right strategy. Using blackjack strategy gives you the best chance to win. In other words, blackjack strategy gives you the best odds.

Blackjack strategy is easy to use. All you need is a card or chart with the strategy for each hand listed. Learn more about basic blackjack strategy here.

The dealer always has one of 13 possible cards showing. And you have a limited number of possible hands. If you want to have the best odds, you need to play each hand combined with the dealer card in a particular way.

Blackjack strategy shows you the right way to play each possible combination.

Card Counting at Borgata

Many blackjack players think Atlantic City is the best place to count cards. While the laws in Atlantic City are favorable for card counters, the truth is Atlantic City is a tough place to win counting cards.

Borgata and other AC casinos know they might have counters. So they do a few things with their blackjack games that make counting less effective.

Card counters need good shoe penetration to make money. All Borgata has to do is shuffle their eight deck shoe after six decks. This alone makes it tough to make money counting.

Does this mean you shouldn’t count cards at Borgata or other casinos in Atlantic City? You should count cards no matter where you play blackjack. Just don’t expect Borgata and other Atlantic City casinos to be the goldmine that some believe they are.

You also don’t want the casinos to know you’re counting cards. Even though the laws favor you, the casinos can still make your life harder than it needs to be.

Borgata Casino Information

The Borgata Casino and Hotel is located in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Borgata’s address is 1 Borgata Way. In addition to the casino, Borgata also offers the following:

Hotel – The Borgata hotel offers has a wide variety of room options. Most rooms are 460 square feet with either a queen or king bed. The next room level up is 480 square feet. Suites have either 700 square feet or 1,000 square feet.

Entertainment – Borgata also offers a wide range of entertainment events. Events include music, comedy, and they host conferences.

  • The Event Center is a 30,000 square foot space with a 30 foot ceiling. It’s used for events and entertainment of all kinds.
  • The Music Box is where you find concerts and special music events at the Borgata.

Dining – What’s a premier casino without lots of dining choices? Borgata markets itself as a premier entertainment and gambling center, and they back it up with lots of dining choices.

Here’s a list of dining options at Borgata:

  • Izakaya by Michael Schulson Japanese restaurant
  • Borgata Beer Garden
  • Old Homestead Steak House
  • Angeline by Michael Symon Italian restaurant
  • The Borgata Buffet
  • The Savor Borgata Culinary Series
  • BorgataEats restaurant take out service
  • American Bar and Grille
  • The Metropolitan
  • O.W. Pan-Asian cuisine
  • B-Prime Steakhouse
  • Sunroom
  • The Wine Bar
  • BetMGM Sportsbook Bar
  • The Marketplace Eatery
  • In-Room Dining

Nightlife – Along the same theme as dining, gambling resorts need to have things to do at night. Borgata offers many bars and exciting nightlife options, including:

  • B Bar
  • Gypsy Bar
  • Long Bar
  • Lobby Bar
  • Level One Cocktail Bar and Lounge
  • Premier Nightclub
  • The Borgata Beer Garden
  • BetMGM Sportsbook and Bar

Borgata Online Blackjack

If you live in New Jersey or visit, you can play blackjack online in the Borgata online casino. Here’s a list of blackjack games and variants in the online Borgata casino.

  • Blackjack Xchange
  • First Person Blackjack
  • Blackjack Pro
  • Fortune Spinner Pro Blackjack
  • Premium Blackjack Pro
  • Platinum Blackjack Pro
  • Perfect Blackjack Pro
  • Blackjack Millionaire Pro
  • Blackjack
  • 777 Blazing Blackjack
  • New York Jets Blackjack
  • First Person Lightning Blackjack

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Other Gambling Options and Games at Borgata

Of course, Borgata has a lot of gambling games outside of blackjack. Here’s a quick overview of other gambling options:

Slots Machines – Borgata has 1000’s of slot machines. And the options run from penny slots up to high roller slot machines. Here’s a list of all slots games at Borgata.

Table Games – Like every big casino, Borgata has every popular table game. Other than blackjack, Borgata has Caribbean Stud, three card poker, four card poker, Let It Ride, craps, baccarat, and roulette. Borgata is one of the few casinos offering roulette with la partage. La partage gives you back half of your bet on all lost even money wagers.

Poker – The Borgata poker room is one of the best on the east coast. It’s also a large poker room, with over 80 tables. The main game in the room is Texas holdem, but they also spread Omaha and seven card stud, especially during busy days.

BetMGM Sportsbook – Borgata is an MGM brand, and MGM is spending a lot of money branding their sportsbook operation. So, the Borgata sports betting and racebook is branded with the BetMGM name. The BetMGM sports betting and racebook have a full slate of sports betting action and betting on horse races.


If you play blackjack and plan to be in Atlantic City, you should play at the Borgata. Borgata blackjack is as good as any game in Atlantic City.

And you don’t even need to be in Atlantic City to play a few hands. As long as you’re in New Jersey you can play blackjack at the online Borgata casino.

The casino is part of something close to a resort on the ocean. With fine dining, a sportsbook, poker room, entertainment, and slots games, and casino table games. Borgata has something for every gambler.